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Crawl Space

Passive Vent Retrofits

Air Ventilation is crucial for attic and crawl spaces of homes where significant humidity and extreme temperature changes occur! During the summer, heat build-up from the roof and crawl spaces below radiates into the living space. SOLAVOLTTM is a solar powered ventilation product that reduces this heat buildup which may cause your home to become uncomfortable and volatile. Conversely during the winter the warm moist air meets cold air below the floor and roof joists causing condensation. SOLAVOLTTM assists by minimizing moisture and condensation which can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot.

SOLAJOLTTM has more options than any other solar powered ventilation product available to handle all areas of the home; crawlspace units, roof mount units, gable units and even passive ventilation retrofit options (eliminating the need to cut another hole into the existing roofing material by using the home’s existing static roof vents).

SOLAVOLTTM runs completely off of solar energy, so it will not add any additional cost to the home’s Energy bill. These solar ventilation units operate from sun-up to sun-down working to keep attics & crawlspaces cool and moisture free. They work in either dry climates or humid climates to prolong the life of the roof and air conditioning unit.


  • — Lowers Cooling Cost
  • — Removes Heat Buildup
  • — Reduces Energy Bills
  • — Extends shingle & roof life
  • — Less Stress on AC
  • — Removes Moisture & Humidity (that causes mold, mildew, wood rot and musty odors)
  • — Removes Harmful Gases (like Radon in crawlspaces)
  • — 100% Free to Operate (Powered by the Sun)
  • — Provides a Comfortable & Safe Living Environment
  • — Qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit (price of Unit & Installation)