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Power Conditioning System


Smart technologies have not only optimized the function and proficiency of home electronics and household appliances, they have also made the risk of losing them much more costly. Most homeowners forget to consider how many thousands of dollars they have invested in digital devices, electronics and major appliances like their refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. It is time for a simple, easy-to-install, clean power solution that will help protect all of your home’s electronics while also conserving energy.

The PowerShield Power Condition System offers a single-installation, cost-effective means of helping to protect the entire home from electrical spikes and surges while also monitoring and controlling the rate of incoming electricity in order to optimize the flow of power use and help diminish static-causing harmonics and line noise. Please give us a call to speak with a representative about your specific needs or to help compare another product you are considering, you can contact us via our LiveChat, Phone or our Support eTicketing System.

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whole home surge protection, power factor correction


    • Protects your valuable appliances, computers, TVs, digital devices, etc. against electrical surges and spikes.

    • ?80% of power surges come from within your home which are generated every time equipment cycles on and off.

    • Improves power efficiency while conditioning incoming power.

    • Reduces the electrical line noise and harmonics that may cause static in light fixtures which can damage many types of other electronic based equipment.

    • Up to ?50% of your electricity bill comes from your HVAC (Cooling/Heating Units)

    • As reported by the Department of Energy (energy.gov) “Over $16 Billion dollars of electricity is unusable energy, but billable in the USA.

Power spikes and surges can occur many times throughout the day, potentially causing damage to valuable electronics throughout the home. Spikes may originate from a number of sources, including within home when major appliances turn-on, static electricity, power fluctuations and worst of all, lightning. Many homeowners believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging a few selected devices into a surge protected power strip. Unfortunately, that’s seldom the case. Many other valuable devices such as high-end entertainment centers, HVAC pumps/temp controllers, general electronic devices, large appliances, security systems, and even solar systems are left vulnerable to irreparable or costly damage.

PowerShield creates an additional layer of protection by funneling spikes and surges to a neutral ground line thus minimizing potential damage to valuable home electronics and equipment.


As reported by the (I.I.I.) Insurance Information Institute at www.iii.org, while deadly storms have already caused destruction in several states these past years, intense lightning storms have taken their toll throughout the United States. The I.I.I. put the average lightning claim at $5,112 in 2011 and this number is expected to continue rising each year. In addition to minimizing the effects of power surges and power spikes which can cause tremendous damage to your home’s electronics, the PowerShield Conditioning System is engineered to improve the power factor of your home, up to .98, allowing all your electronics to always operate efficiently. Anything with copper windings that creates an electromagnetic field, which most all electric motors have, will benefit from the power-factor correction provided by the PowerShield.

[table id=4 /] The PowerShield will also improve your appliances, motors and electronics longevity as well as save energy. Ask your Energy Efficiency Experts or call Solar Royal for more information on how the PowerJolt PowerShield Power Conditioning System can work for you.

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