Reduce the Cost of Heating & Cooling Your Home

Attic Floor


INSULWRAP is a multi-layer insulation blanket that employs two highly reflective perforated aluminum surfaces to resist radiant heat transfer. These reflective surfaces encapsulates a blanket of polyester fiber that resists moisture, providing outstanding insulating performance. INSULWRAPTM is designed to be used over traditional insulation to increase the existing R-value while resisting the transfer of conduction, convection, & radiant heat. INSULWRAPTM keeps heat out throughout the summer and heat in during the winter.

Reflects & Insulates

  • Multi layer, moisture resistant, polyester fiber insulation blanket
  • Blocks up to 97% of unwanted radiant heat transfer
  • Made with two layers of 99.9% pure polyester reinforced aluminum
  • Works alongside traditional types of insulation
  • Keeps your home’s temperature comfortable year round
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Scientifically designed and tested for performance and durability


“We had the attic blanket installed in September. Our utility bills have dropped significantly. What a great insulation. And to our surprise, we can really feel a big difference in our home. We are very pleased with our purchase. We told our friends and family that they should get this insulation as well”.

Joe & Sara Williams

“I knew the attic blanket was working very well when I went to the bathroom at night and didn’t get chilled during this past winter, but the big test was when our power went out this summer. It was out all night and into the next day. The temperature in the house only increased 6°F. What’s even more impressive is it was during a month with over 100° days. We have never been more satisfied with a purchase.”

Mark & Beverly Holcomb