Don’t Let Your Attic Stairs Make Your Energy Bills Climb

HatchWrap is a multi-layer insulation attic stairway cover that employs two highly reflective perforated aluminum surfaces to resist radiant heat transfer. These reflective surfaces are joined by a blanket of polyester fiber that resists moisture, providing outstanding insulating performance. HatchWrap is designed to be more resistant to the transfer of conduction, convection, and radiant heat than other competitive covers. HatchWrap keeps the heat out throughout the summer and the heat in during the winter.

HatchWrap keeps the heat out throughout the summer


  • Reflects up to 97% of radiant heat
  • ? 10 R-Value & ?20 R-Value w/coverlet
  • Creates a thermal radiant & vapor guard
  • Insulates & air seals (dust) attic staircase
  • 100% Components made in America
  • Heavy-duty & easy zipper access
  • Tear resistant material
  • Saves money & energy


“Quality made product, we can really feel the difference after the HatchWrap was installed”

Joan L. Dallas, TX

“The installation was great and the product has definitely made our home more comfortable”

Tushar P. Houston, TX

“Your installer was knowledgeable and courteous & your attic stairway cover has really made a difference”

Dedriana Q. Phoenix, AZ

“After comparing your product with other attic covers it was easy to see the difference in quality”

John A. Tulsa, OK