Thermal Radiant & Vapor Barrier
Hatchway Attic Covers


The PowerJolt Energy Efficiency Series (Hatchway Covers) with optional coverlet which accommodates up-to R60 additional insulation and our optional ‘Spot On’ – thermal temperature and humidity sensor**. The PowerJolt TR Hatchway cover offers a very cost effective, easy to install, vapor guard and thermal radiant barrier, which helps separate environmental locations/conditions (e.g. hot or cold;humid or dry). The Attic Staircase Thermal Radiant Covers also offers a separate coverlet that boosts the reflectivity factor and for adding up-to R60 additional insulation.

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    • +10 R-Value w/ Up-to R60 Coverlet optional.

    • Reflects 95%-97% of Radiant Heat.

    • Insulated 2.0oz Polyester Fiber (ASTM D3574)

    • Built with ARMA Foil Radiant Barrier.

    • Insulates & Air Seals Attic Staircase.

    • Easy To Install & Extremely Strong Product Materials.

    • (All Components) 100% Made in America.

The attic staircase access door is typically, one of the largest sources of air leakage in your home, The US Department of Energy states, that a gap as small as 1/4 inch around your pull-down attic stairs can leak as much air as is supplied by a regular bedroom air duct (?100CFM). Air sealing and insulating this leak is essential to improving your home’s energy efficiency. The PowerJolt Energy Efficiency Series (Hatchway Covers) is an easy solution to sealing this problem area while maintaining easy access to your attic. The PowerJolt attic stair cover when properly installed will seal and help insulate this vulnerable point in your home’s defense against tremendous energy loss. It is very cost effective, simple to install and will dramatically reduce energy loss – lowering your heating and cooling bills as well as keeping the two environmental conditions separated.

The PowerJolt Energy Efficiency Series (Hatchway Covers) is made with patented and highly reflective ARMA FOIL™ radiant barrier bonded to a polyester fiber insulation – so it is light, thin and effective. The PowerJolt hatchway covers uses heavy-duty zippers to allow easy access to the attic. The cover helps to keep your valuable heated and cooled air in your living space where you want it. As an added benefit, the PowerJolt hatchway covers also helps keep your house clean and improves your indoor air quality by keeping dust, and insulation, in the attic where they belong – not on your floors or in your air.

Incredible ROI

Installing a attic stair insulated cover properly will quickly pay for itself, depending on the size of the opening.

Smart Money

BOTTOMLINE: the more air that is lost to the attic or vice-versa the more expensive it will be to keep the condition air at your desired temperature.

Energy Wise

By properly sealing and insulating the attic access (e.g. hot or cold;humid or dry) this is the key to saving energy.

Energy Wise

BOTTOMLINE: Utilizing a properly installed attic staircase insulated cover will save you money..

R60 Coverlet

When utilized with our coverlet, you can boost the reflectivity factor and add up-to R60 additional insulation.

More is Better

BOTTOMLINE: The more insulation the better and with our optional coverlet you can add up-to R60 additional insulation on top of the attic stair cover.

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